Water Heat Exchangers

Modern, original TECSISEL design fiberglass water heaters, equipped with a diffuser that evenly distributes fresh, heated air across the hall. The low air velocity (fan-phase 0.25 kW) and a variable output (from 30 to 90kW) provide a suitable temperature for each cycle of animal husbandry. Due to the advanced design of TECSISEL heaters, they can be cleaned using a high pressure cleaner.


Low-speed, three-phase TECSISEL fans, made of high-quality fiberglass are durable and easy to clean. They provide smooth power control, precise steering and low energy use through dedicated inverters.


Variable Lighting
Daily Cycles

Air Inlets Actuators

Servomotors are precise mechanical devices with high-quality, computer-controlled engines. Each of the four actuators manages a group of several air vents. Servomotors have sensors to determine their position, so that the control computer receives precise information on the inlet ports' repeal.

Air Inlets

Specially shaped air inlets built of fiberglass. Bilateral smooth finish allows for easy cleaning. Very durable, rigid design ensures precise sealing of a closed inlet. The windows are divided by the system into four zones, independently controlled by precise servomotors. The optimal work of all windows is managed by a computer.

Cooling Systems

Long life materials
Low air velocity near the broilers

Humidification pump

Climate control in the poultry hall also requires full humidity control. Computer control can not only reduce it to a set value and maintain at the appropriate level, but also increase moisture levels when they are too low. This is achieved using the high pressure pump and a micro-droplet humidification line. Jets are located just below the warm air diffusers. As a result, moist air gets to every part of the poultry hall.

Medication Dosing System

For effective treatment, animals must receive the exact dosage of medicines or vitamins for a given period of time. There can be no room for "forgotten" or "overslept" - as is often explained by the staff. A daily dose of a particular drug is prepared once a day and its administration is controlled by TECSISEL all the time. Our system will determine the dosage of drugs on the basis of what we want to achieve, it is not necessary to convert and prepare the exact dose for the dispenser.

Control Board


A very fast, multi-purpose, designed for the industry, central computer manages the entire rearing process in the poultry hall.


The largest on the market, a 10-inch touch panel allows you to browse and comfortably operate the system.


Full indication of a clear identification of the type of alarm. Several hundred alarm messages sent to sms or e-mail.

Air Circulation


The ventilation is not affected by weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, etc).

Each TECSISEL poultry hall is systemically divided into four independent zones. The system controls and adjusts the atmosphere in each of the zones individually, so that the rearing environment in each of them is the same - in accordance to the computer curve on a given rearing day.

Chicken Scales

The aim of intensive animal husbandry is to achieve adequate bird weight by the end of the growing period. The system continually weighs birds randomly entering the pan, analysing the results based on several thousand measurements per day and comparing them to the desired results. Taking current animal weight into account, the computer then adjusts the system and can also let us know about emerging norm deviations.

Temperature Probe

Precise sensors with electronic transducers measure the temperature in each of the four zones at the same time, as well as on the outside of the building. The data are recorded in the control computer and displayed on the control panel LCD. This information can also be accessed remotely through the Internet.

Silo Scale

Daily feed control
Discharge automatic records
Daily and total weight


Biomass, gas and diesel boilers
Possibility of a central boiler for several poultry houses

CO2 Probe

Additional CO2 and ammonia sensors give you the possibility to react quickly to any individual climate changes in the poultry hall, depending on unusual events such as faulty handling, falls, bird disease and excessively liquid faeces.

Humidity Sensor

Humidity control is another key parameter influencing animal comfort and welfare. Digital humidity sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere in the poultry hall. The computer analyses the readings and compares them with the expected parameters. Then, the computer makes the necessary adjustment of the operating parameters of system components to achieve optimal humidity taking into account the temperature and inlet air humidity.

Outside Probes

Temperature and humidity sensors provide outdoor air measurement results. Based on this data, the system sets the parameters for ventilation and moiature removal from the hall. Thanks to TECSISEL's appropriate algorithms, the control computer then heats the air in the hall or corrects the percentage of window tilt to maintain optimum conditions.

Water heat exchangers
Air inlets actuators
Air inlets
Cooling Systems
Humidification pump
Medication dosing system
Control board
Air circulation
Chicken scales
Temperature probe
Silo scale
Biomass boiler
CO2 probe
Humidity sensor
Outside probes